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About Us

Brigette Mayer, head trainer and owner of mutt & moggy Training & Pet Care, is proud to be New Westminster, BC’s first Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP)!

mutt & moggy Training & Pet Care conveniently services New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver, Surrey, and Richmond.

We offer puppy socialization, basic and intermediate obedience, and nose work classes, day training, private lessons, and private behavioural consultations to dog owners within the Lower Mainland.

We also offer private on-leash dog walking to dog owners within New Westminster and Burnaby.

Cat owners, don’t feel left out! We also offer private lessons and private behavioural consultations to cat owners within the Lower Mainland.

mutt & moggy provides professional dog walking and pet sitting services to clients located in New Westminster and Burnaby. We are licensed, insured, bonded, and trained in pet first aid. Brigette Mayer, owner of mutt & moggy, is also a dog*tec Dog Walking Academy graduate.

About Our Name

mutt [muht], noun: a mixed-breed dog.

moggy [mog-ee], noun: a mixed-breed cat.