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Foundations+ Training Program

The Foundations+ Training Program is a series of levels – one through four – that is designed to provide an excellent foundation and the skills necessary to have a well-behaved dog. This class is open enrollment, so you can start right away!

Each of the Core Behaviours mentioned below starts out easy and gets more difficult as the team progresses through the levels – every behaviour has four levels of mastery to work toward. Proofing for progression to the next level will take place in each class. After you have gained mastery of at least 80% of the Core Behaviours at each level, you will receive a graduation certificate and can advance to the next level. 

Core Behaviours

Good Manners – Sit / Down / Settle

Come & Go – Recall / Distance

Friendly Hands – Touch / Target / Handling

Pay Attention – Leave it / Take it / Name game / Loose leash


  • A mandatory 45-minute orientation class without your dog (unless you’ve previously attended our Puppy Start Right Preschool within the past 3 months)
  • Your dog should be a minimum of 5 months old
  • Up-to-date core vaccines or a positive titre test not older than a year


The cost for one consecutive 6-week period in the Foundations+ Training Program is $150 + GST.


Wednesdays 8pm to 9pm Email us to register!