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Out & About

Out & About is a 4-week long class specifically geared towards putting your dog’s good manners and behaviours into practice in the real world! This class is open enrollment, so you can start right away!

This class takes place outside in medium to high distraction environments in order to challenge yourself and your dog. Each week’s class will be in a different location within South Burnaby or New Westminster. NOTE: This is an outdoor class and is held rain or shine (we will reschedule for truly inclement weather).


  • Basic obedience training
  • Your dog should be a minimum of 6 months old
  • Up-to-date core vaccines or a positive titre test not older than a year
  • A 20′ nylon long line is required and can be purchased at the first class

Core Topics

  • Sit-stays / Down-stays
  • Reliable recalls
  • Hand targeting
  • Leave it / Take it
  • Loose leash walking


The cost for Out & About is $150 + GST.



Saturdays 11am to 12pm

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